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Building the Future

International Invest Holding

International Invest Holding, a financial company with more than 30 years in the real estate, industrial and financial sectors. We move forward in the present with the certainty that there are no ceilings to reach, the limit is set by you. 

International Invest Holding

We are an international company specialized in the recruitment and training of professionals, to enhance their energy for growth in highly profitable projects.
We focus on people, as we believe that the road to success will only be through personal growth and the conviction that excellent results are part of a process of constant effort.

We believe in what we call the virtuous triangle of investments, this way of seeing the business is what has driven us to develop our various business units. We invite you to be part of one of them.

international invest real estate

We work in the sale, rental and remodeling of real estate developments so that our clients can find the best sale option in the shortest possible time.

Inspira Inmobiliaria
international invest capital

Area dedicated to the creation and management of safe, flexible and real forms of investment.

international invest industrial

We work on the development of small and large-scale industrial engineering projects.

as proyectos e ingenieria

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On Florida public records as INTERNATIONAL INVEST HOLDING INC. or with the company ID P21000075208

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If you wish to consult more information, write to us and we will respond as soon as possible.